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On Saints Cosmas and Damian the Anargyre


Cosmas and Damian were twin brothers, both physicians, who lived in early Christian times. They both dedicated their lives to helping and healing illnesses of the people without taking any reward for their services. God gifted them with a miraculous healing power, which gift they shared with the needy, as a sign and proof of God’s providence and love for His people.  They openly impelimented Christ’s words,  "freely have you received, freely give." They helped many to gain not only their bodily health but first and foremost their mental health and stability, by walking the spiritual path toward the true God.


Saints Cosmas and Damian lived and acted of course in an entirely different world as opposed to our contemporary one, in which science and human development address our needs. We do live in an era where our daily interests and focus revolve around anything else but our spiritual needs. We, modern humans, usually hold and apply our strengths to change our conditions and establish a better life. Yet, there always comes a moment when we realize that we need something more than a merely comfortable life. This is because our nature does not comprise only our body and worldly needs but also our soul and spiritual needs. Our soul by nature demands a different kind of food from our daily bread. It also needs a different healing process that is offered by our Church and our Saints Cosmas and Damian in the name of the Lord.

This is a perspective that opens our hearts and minds, our souls, towards a different invisible but real life, full of grace and trust in God. It is the world in which the saints always live and act by helping those who are awaiting their mediation and spiritual grace. It is the Kingdom of God where all of us have been given a place of rest and glory within God’s providence and love. This place of course demands our personal struggle to be attained. We can accomplish it by having our Saints Cosmas and Damian as our helpers, healers, guides and mediators to Christ our God. Amen

Rev Dr Chrysostom Tympas

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