On 25 June at 1pm our Archbishop Grigorios, Bishop Athanasios, Bishop Chrysostomos, three priests and the Archbishop's archdeacon celebrated the funeral of our beloved chairman Andreas Avgoustis, at his Church of St Cosmas and Damian in Gospel Oak. His extended family and many people attended the service. At the end of the service, his daughter Thalia, his grant-daughter Olivia, Mr Karagiannis, fr Chrysostom Tympas and the Archbishop gave moving speeches on his personality and crucial contribution to the purchase, function and sustainance of the Church of St Cosmas and Damian. 

Andreas Avgoustis buried in Cyprys at his family tomb where also his beloved wife Chrystalla is buried, on 27 June. 

Bishop Kitiou Chrysostomos, five priests and many other people attended the Trisagion and Memorial Service.